Needle Arts Fibers

Natural Fiber Collection

We offer the following fibers in natural color for dyeing, felting or spinning. We do offer custom dyeing for our fiber artists.
When considering such please use the dye chart page for possible color options.

The bast fibers: cotton, rayon, linen, and Tercel make use of the Fiber Reactive dyes (MX).  

Protein fibers: wool, mohair, alpaca, and silk make use of the Acid Dyes.

All the fibers below can be purchased readily in the amounts shown. Larger quantities are also available. Please contact us
regarding larger quantities and custom dyeing.

Rambouliet Wool Top: Our very own fiber. Milled here at our mill. Domestic Wool as well. 1 pound lots $ 18.00.

Cotton Sliver: cotton is a short staple fiber. After all the USA is the key producer of this fiber in the world! 4 ounces $ 6.00, 8 ounces $ 10.00. 

Flax (linen) Top: Bast Fiber well known for its strength and durability. 4 ounces $ 16.00 8 ounces $ 30.00.

Mohair Top: kid mohair so it's nice and fine. 4 ounces $ 18.00 8 ounces $ 32.00.

Silk Top (Bombyx) The prime quality silk raised for the beautiful white look: 2 ounces $ 12.00 4 ounces $ 22.00.

Silk Top (Tussah) That beautiful golden tan colored silk. Overdyes with unique intensity. 2 ounces $ 12.00 4 ounces $ 22.00.

Silk Caps (Bombyx) Silk that has been stretched over a form to look like a cap. Dyes nicely. 2 ounces $ 16.00 4 ounces $ 30.00.

Tercel Top: A very sleek fiber that dyes in full color. 4 ounces $12.00 8 ounces $ 22.00.

Alpaca Top: (please contact us as other natural colors may be available) 8 ounces $ 18.00 one pound lot $ 32.00.

Camel Down: The fine down undercoat, extremely soft. Short staple. 4 ounces $22.00  8 ounces $20.00.

Felting Fibers

Rambouliet Wool Top 100% Domestic Wool (For Dying)
Micron count 24-26. Staple Length 3.25 inches. Felts easily by needle or wet felt techniques. Takes dye easily and quickly. One pound lots $18.00.

Colored Fibers

Color Your Way
This product is made available in one-ounce packaging (4 and 8 ounces available upon special request) the perfect size for the needle felters and used by the wet felting artist as accent colors. Made from Corriedale Wool with a micron count of 27-30, and a staple length of 4.25 inches. Price per bag - $1.95.

Available Colors:
Black, Purple, Grey, Lilac, Natural, Lavender, Flesh, Chocolate, Magenta, Tan, Red, Dark Green, Pink, Green, Navy, Lime, Blue, Pale Green, Turquoise, Yellow, Sky Blue, Orange, Tangerine