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Fiber Preparation Tools

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Handcrafted in New Zealand of quality materials.

An excellent product with the ability to stand up to a lifetime of use.

Carding Cloth Information

36 psi is used for coarser fibers

72 psi is used for medium diameter fibers

108 psi is used for fine fibers as well as color and fiber types blending


The Flicker (opens up long lock style fibers)

Hand Cards Plywood style back and handle

Mini Handcards (72 psi)

Student HandCards (72 psi)

Solid Wood backs with attached handle Standard (72 psi) Fine (108 psi)

Blending Board Option complete with single card and removable doffer dowels

Drum Carders

Wild Carder 4” wide (72 psi)

Standard 8” wide (36 psi, 72 psi or 108 psi)

Xtra Wide 12” wide (72 psi) two ratios 4-1 and 6-1 for more flexibility



Engineered in Holland of quality materials for long serviceability.

Options: Mini Combs~ Small Stainless Steel teeth hand held combs

Standard Single Row

Double Row

Exclusive Handcards Flicker (72psi)

Fine Cloth Carders (72 psi)

Xtra Fine Carders (108 psi)

Mini Cotton Cards (108 psi)

Blending Board Drum Carders: The Rover 4” wide (72 psi- sealed bearing)

The Standard 8” wide (72 psi sealed bearing)

The Elite 8” wide (108 psi, sealed bearings with adjustable intake and speed ratios)

Electric Drum Carder (the standard with powerful motor)

Indigo Hound

Indigo Hound is a cottage industry style company that produces a marvelous product

of quality materials that we are proud to offer.

There combs are based on historical designs. Prices are extremely reasonable,

but don't let them know!


Viking Combs (Scandinavian design)

Standard Teeth (one row spaced teeth)

Fine Teeth (one row a lot of teeth)

Double Row (like standard with an extra row offset behind ?rst)

English Comes (comes complete with covers, tine straightener, cleaning rod and stand)

4 Pitch (4 rows of teeth), 5 Pitch (5 rows of teeth), 6 Pitch (6 rows of teeth)

Dukobar Russian Paddle Combs Large paddle with one curved teeth complete with stand